Industrial Energy Efficiency

Industrial Energy EfficiencyIndustrial Energy Efficiency

The process industry consumes about one-third of the total energy consumed in the USA.  The industry has significantly increased its energy efficiency and hence reduced its C-footprint using state-of-the-art technologies and applying best practice design methods.  However, in order to compete with advanced technologies and process designs being implemented in new and revamped manufacturing plants, the process industry is pursuing cost-effective ways to implement new technologies in existing manufacturing plants.


E3Tec’s Focused Expertise Directly Relevant to Industrial Energy Efficiency

  • Heat integration within process units such as reactive-distillation columns
  • Enhanced thermal performance and fouling mitigation of feed/effluent heat transfer equipment to maximize the recovery of process heat
  • Waste-heat powered ammonia-water absorption refrigeration in refining and chemical industries
  • Binary-organic fluid or ammonia-water absorption power cycle using enhanced-performance heat transfer equipment 

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