Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion


E3Tec’s President CB Panchal is internationally known for his contribution to the OTEC technology

Two-stage OTEC Power Cycle

Two-stage OTEC Power Cycle

The world’s oceans are the largest natural collector and reservoir of solar energy stored as temperature gradient between the surface warm water and deep-ocean cold water. The potential of ocean energy is limitless for production

of base-load power and commodity of ammonia and fresh water. However, the engineering challenge is to harness the energy with low temperature driving force. E3Tec contends that there is a Window of Opportunity to commercialize OTEC by 2020.

E3Tec’s Visionary Goals of Commercialization of OTEC Plants

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

1. Displacement of petroleum-liquid fuels for power generation in the Island States

2. Production of desalinated water for regions of critical water scarcity

3. Displacement of carbon-based production of ammonia fertilizer

4. Ammonia as hydrogen carrier for economic processing of heavy crude oils and upgrading oil sands

5. Ammonia fuel-cell based distributed power generation



OTEC Technology Developments

-Performance testing of prototype OTEC heat exchangers at Argonne National Laboratory

Heat Exchanger Test Facility

Heat Exchanger Test Facility

-Principal investigator of biofouling and material R&D at Argonne and Hawaii test facilitie

-Performance testing of OTEC-1 heat exchangers

-Development of hybrid OTEC cycle for co-production of power and desalinated water

-Design and deployment of open-cycle heat and mass transfer test apparatus at the Hawaii OTEC Test Facility
-Design studies of 10 MWe land-based closed-cycle OTEC plant using different heat exchangers

-Design study of 10 MWe land-based hybrid OTEC plant

-OTEC plantship design study for at-sea production of ammonia

E3Tec’s Concept Designs

Land-based Closed-cycle OTEC plant

Land-based Hybrid-cycle OTEC plant

Satellite OTEC Plantship for Production of Ammonia and Desalinated Water

Satelite Plantship

Satelite Plantship

E3Tec’s OTEC Technology Resources

I. Software codes for OTEC power cycle analysis and estimation of installation cost

II. Performance prediction codes of candidate OTEC heat exchangers

III. Conceptual designs of small land-based OTEC plants

IV. Technical databases of heat exchanger performances, biofouling, and material research

V. Design concepts of compact aluminum heat exchangers


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