News and Recent Projects

  • E3Tec received grant for DOE SBIR Phase II project, ” Conversion of CO2 to Alkyl Carbonates using Ethylene Oxide as Feedstock.”
  • E3Tec received grant for USDA/NIFA SBIR Phase I project, “Process Development for Synthesis of Bio-Based Plasticizers.”     
  • E3Tec is pursuing CCEMC Grand Challenge project, “Production of Dimethyl Carbonate (DMC) from Captured CO2.”  
  • E3Tec Team completed DOE SBIR Phase II project, “Process Intensification by Integrated Reaction and Distillation for Synthesis of Bio-Renewable Organic Acid Esters.”
  • E3Tec continues to pursue commercialization of Ocean Thermal Energy with the focus on at-sea production of ammonia as energy carrier and desalinated water.
  • E3Tec continues consulting service to a petroleum company for mitigation of  fouling in refining processes.
  • CB Panchal attended the 2011 Low-Carbon Energy Summit in Dalian, China, chaired a session  on “Ammonia as an Alternate Fuel and Energy Carrier”, and presented: a) the OTEC Path to Commercialization ; and b) an Energy and Economic Analysis of Ammonia Synthesis. 

Presentation Materials

Ocean  Thermal Energy – Path to Commercilization: Opportunities and Challenges – Click here to download